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My Story

Born on October 28, 1983 in Port - au-Prince, Haiti, Ted develops a certain passion for drawing at the age of 11 years old from doodling. The artist was introduced to the formal sketching techniques during his classical studies where he often draws his classmates who respect and admire his work. Ted possesses a great sense of humor, which often earned him minor punishments such as memorizing long poetry for jokingly interrupting a class with his drawings and the comments that follow. Later, he attended ENARTS (Ecole Nationale des Arts) where he received formal artistic training and graduated within 4 years. In 2004, he was classified among the winners of the international competition of painting for Haitians artists living in Haiti and abroad to celebrate the National Bicentennial. He has also worked in Studio with artists such as: Richard Barbot and Edwige Casimir

Today Ted Zamy Dorvil continues to work in a workshop at his home where he resides in Haiti with his wife and son. He uses acrylic paint, and his subjects are often universal abstract . His art is an invitation to an illuminate and inspiring journey, gifted with a boundless imagination. His painting style brings alive abstract shape to create magic in the eye of the beholder and nowadays his works is found in the homes of several collectors around the world. A spontaneous image that tends towards a modern abstract reality, He is seen as the genius of light and color in the West Indies. In 2014, he received the title of Chevalier academician and Ambassador representing Haiti by world Art Academia which is an organization based in France, specialized in researching and promoting talented artist worldwide. Ted is available to work on commission . He also enjoys sculpting and admits that every piece created feels like a new mission accomplished where mankind rediscovers itself with its virtues and universality.


Phone: +509 32 01 3842